Level 2 Human Storm Sorcerer



  • Str: 13
  • Con: 11
  • Dex: 16
  • Int: 10
  • Wis: 8
  • Cha: 18


  • AC: 14
  • Fort: 13
  • Ref: 15
  • Will: 18


  • Max HP: 28
  • Bloodied: 14
  • Current HP: 28
  • Surges/Day: 6
  • Current Surges: 6


  • Cloth Armor
  • Wyrmtooth Dagger +1
  • Adventurer’s Kit


Atsurr (pronounced as “Azure”) is a male human of 25 of average height and weight. He usually is dressed in dark blue robes that are constantly in motion, tossed by the perpetual breezes that are part of his magic. He looks as if he was once handsome, with piercing ice-blue eyes and dark-blond hair, although now a hideous scar disfigures the place where his right eye once was, and he has shaved his hair.


Atsurr tends to be somewhat withdrawn, although he can be friendly and charming when he wants to, and makes an extremely loyal friend. He enjoys the finer things in life, preferring civilization to the wilderness, and tries to dress nicely when he has the option.


Atsurr is an extremely moral person, and tries to bring justice on his exacting terms, as opposed to the law. He can be tireless in bringing down the oppressive, despite any collateral effects this may cause. He can be somewhat arrogant, always believing he is firmly in the right.


Atsurr is secretive about his past, but his accent reveals he hails from eastern Midgard. From the scars and his name, meaning Vengeance, it seems something terrible may have happened in his past.

Recent Activity

Recently recovering from his life-threatening wounds, Atsurr has been training for many months, exploring his newfound power over the elements. Feeling himself ready to re-enter the world again, he has set off in the opposite direction of his former home, looking for where he may be needed.


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