Ygg: Words of Power

While Ze Bird-Sparrow Farts

Victorious from their assault on the Dwarven stronghold, King Feursun enlists the adventurers in discovering who hired the Dwarves to make the weapons. Sailing up the River Crojm, they set out to look into the Orcish Clann Sladdr.

After they had left the port, they sailed for a day before spotting a suspicious clearing. Investigation revealed the clearing was probably occupied by spirits. Unfortunately, the frost spirits proved hostile, and a battle ensued. However, the heroes easily vanquished the angry wraiths.

Continuing onwards, they attempt to navigate the forest. Unfortunately, luck was not with them, and they quickly got lost and stumbled into an Orcish scouting party. With diplomacy failed, they are attacked. However, while outnumbered, the adventurers vanquish their foes. Unfortunately, one of the scouts managed to escape, and undoubtedly is headed to get rouse the tribe to vengeance.

Continuing to search through the forest, the stumble across the mining operation.



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