Ygg: Words of Power

While Ze Bird-Sparrow Farts

Victorious from their assault on the Dwarven stronghold, King Feursun enlists the adventurers in discovering who hired the Dwarves to make the weapons. Sailing up the River Crojm, they set out to look into the Orcish Clann Sladdr.

After they had left the port, they sailed for a day before spotting a suspicious clearing. Investigation revealed the clearing was probably occupied by spirits. Unfortunately, the frost spirits proved hostile, and a battle ensued. However, the heroes easily vanquished the angry wraiths.

Continuing onwards, they attempt to navigate the forest. Unfortunately, luck was not with them, and they quickly got lost and stumbled into an Orcish scouting party. With diplomacy failed, they are attacked. However, while outnumbered, the adventurers vanquish their foes. Unfortunately, one of the scouts managed to escape, and undoubtedly is headed to get rouse the tribe to vengeance.

Continuing to search through the forest, the stumble across the mining operation.

Attack on Throllforj

Upon hearing the news of the collusion between the orcs and dwarves, Feursun had an half-Orc by the name of Yurk rounded up, put in chains, and brought before him to answer to his part in the attack. The heroes, who had won favor with the king, were in attendance. After some discussion it was decided the Orc likely had nothing to do with the assault, but he was coerced into being locked in a cell with a Dwarven prisoner and obtain knowledge of the plot by subterfuge. At this he failed, but did discover clues that in fact linked the Dwarf to Throllforj.

Going under the guise of emissaries, the heroes, with their newfound companion Yurk, went to the forge. With the sorcerer Atsurr, they convinced the guards that they wished to renegotiate a trade arrangement, and were let inside. Initially nothing seemed amiss, but during their sequestered stay in the forge’s guest apartments, they overheard Dwarves speaking of the attack. Sverrir attempted to follow these Dueragar but was discovered. He made an excuse but as they were escorting him back to his quarters he attacked them. His companions came to his aid and they subdued the Dwarves, but fearing reprisal they forced their captives to escort them from the forge. At the front gate though, the guards found this suspicious and another battle ensued. The Dwarves raised the alarm and attempted to trap the heroes, but again the heroes overcame the Dwarves and escaped into the night.

King Feursun was enraged by the betrayal of the Dwarves of Throllforj who had been his partners in trade. He dispatched a contingent of his finest warriors with the heroes to assault the forge-stronghold. With a band of enraged warriors at their command, the heroes crashed through the gates of Throllforj and swept over its inhabitants. When finally they reached the great inner forge they nearly met their match. The Dwarven guards fought hard, protecting their Forge Priest – a devotee of Surtr – but at last, they too were overrun. In a storage chambers throughout Throllforj the heroes and warriors of Furinsgrot discovered two things of deep interest and trouble.

First is the number of slaves from other towns around the region, many under the indirect rule of King Feursun, though some not. Second was that the Dwarves of the forge had been amassing giant sums of ore. It was surmised that the slave trade with the orcs may have been to work in the mines but that is an unusual arrangement. The idea was led credence, though, by the fact that none of the slaves had been used by the Dwarves, they were merely being held. Yurk, the Half Orc, knows of only two tribes of Orc anywhere that are miners (although many are slavers) – Clann Sladdr and Clann Juttmar. If the Dwarves are helping the Orcs increase production in the minds as all of this suggests, to what end is it? Who needs this much weaponry?

The heroes returned to Furinsgrot and more honor was heaped upon their names. And as the slaves they rescued return to their towns and villages the repute of their glory is certain to spread.

Raid in Furinsgrot

While visiting the city of Furinsgrot for whatever their personal reasons may have been, the adventurers were invited by King Feursun to a feast in his great ale hall, Arsnjarr. This is not unusual, it is customary for lords to invite visiting heroes to break bread and regale the lord with tales of their deeds. It also presents an opportunity for all parties to meet in friendly venue and for the lord to validate the heroes’ visit. But things went awry.

Suddenly Furinsgrot exploded in action and was overrun by marauding Duergar. So brazen was the attack that the invaders even entered Arsnjarr itself, and the visiting heroes banded with Feursun’s guard and fended them off; but not before the Dwarves in the streets absconded with many folk of Furinsgrot. Impressed with their action and heroism, the king implored the heroes to give chase. It took time to determine how the band of invaders had come and gone so easily but through cunning the four heroes discovered hidden tunnels the Dwarves had dug for their attack and escape. Finding their trail on the other end, the heroes chased the Dwarves north into the frozen winter, toward the River Crojm.

It was unusual, indeed, for Dwarves do not maraud. The only reason for the stout folk to take prisoners was slavery, but no Dwarven habitats were known north of Furinsgrot, and the only others nearby, those ironsmiths of the forge-stronghold known as Throllforj, maintained a healthy mercantile relationship with King Feursun. Clues into the mischief appeared late that day when the heroes came upon the site of a skirmish. Many of the dead were the Duergar invaders, though there were Orcs among the dead as well. Before they could give further pursuit, however, the scavengers came to feast and they were set upon by a motley pack of hungry wolves. The heroes nearly lost their skins but persevered and chased the wolves off. Nursing their wounds, they resolved themselves to the need to make camp.

The next day, they pushed themselves hard across the frozen landscape, straining their endurance to catch up to their prey; and the Fates shined upon them. But what a sight was this? Dwarves and Orcs, Duergar and Jotun working together? It seemed the Dwarves were trading the captives to the Orcs who, at that time were making off. It appeared that fortune had favored the heroes and the Orc’s boat had become stranded in the ice which they and the Dwarves had spent the morning breaking up. A melee ensued. The heroes fought their way past the Dwarves, some of whom escaped, and skittered daringly over floes of ice, leaping over frozen water, sometimes falling in, and fighting the Orcs, preventing their escape.

The captives saved and the day won, the heroes returned to Furinsgrot and were honored by the king.

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